Black Swan Parklet - Newark, NJ

I designed this parklet to encourage foot traffic along a retail corridor in downtown Newark. Working with a local contractor during the design phase, we succeeded in reducing costs and construction time, providing a quick and cost effective solution to a lack of public seating. After overseeing its construction, I worked with local businesses and City agencies to install the parklet, encouraging community and economic development in the area.

Renderings created using Sketch Up.


great oaks parklet - newark, nj

Working to foster community engagement, I designed a modular parklet with geometric shapes that can be manipulated to form different seating arrangements.

Partnering with Newark middle school students, my colleague and I taught an introductory session on urban planning and then led a design competition. Using architectural models, teams of students created a parklet design and presented to a selection committee. The committee then chose the winning design that we would install outside of their school.